Please join us for a Mass and Memorial live streamed on Saturday, May 30 at 12 noon. Rest in peace, Father Brown! The church will be closed to the public / La Iglesia permanecerá cerrada al público.


We welcome your call or email to any member of our church staff. 

Rev. Martin Silva, S.J.      
Pastor/Párroco,                           Ext. 214

Rev. Neal. José  ‘Pepe” Wilkinson, S.J.     
Associate Pastor               Ext. 216

Rev. Mike Lee, SJ
Associate Pastor                         Ext.212
Mrs. Vivian A. Toscano 
Coordinator of Parish Ministry          Ext.  215        

Sr. Lourdes Barboza CVI. 
Coordinator of Pastoral Outreach       Ext.  219

Miss Hilda Tapia      
Faith Formation                             Ext.  217

Ezequiel Flores      
Youth Ministry    (619) 677-3366

Marcial Lopez
Young Adult Ministry               Ext.  302

Mrs. Bertha Olivas    
Secretary                              Ext.  210

Miss Griselda Saldaña
Bookkeeper & Secretary           Ext.  218



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Our Lady of Guadalupe

1770 Kearney Avenue
San Diego CA  92113
Phone:  619-233-3838
Fax: 619-233-3252